on 30th October 2010                                                                                               

a girl with TE book

        bro_asking the questions from the youth boys came for program.


bro_kenneth getting the answerbro_vinoth conducting a quiz program


 everybody enjoying the quiz program


 our youth boys distributing the teen edition books our youth girls distributing thr teen edition books


 pas_joy answering for the last month questionspas_joy closing with gospel & prayer

 pas_joy counselling

                                                                                                  sis_devi telling about JESUS

           when a youth girl wrote her questions                                                       youth boy praying eagerly                             

                the girls and boys after geting the their books                   the new youth those who attend praying eagerly                                                                                                    

       youth girls in the program

                      bro_sabastin enjoying coffee                                        our youth girls distributing the cake                               





              on  25th September 2010                                                                                           

Bro_ Vinoth sharing the gospel to the new youth boyBro. Joseph sharing his testimony.JPG

  Bro_ Vivek sharing the gospel also to the new young boys who came to that coffee club.JPGEveryone having their Coffee & Cake

Our church youth girls who attend the coffee club.JPG

                                                                                        Our Youth performing the Skit (concept based on a person who fails in all his work but getting Success after he accept JESUS CHRIST in his life) (2).JPG

  Pas_Joy closing the coffee club by giving some message to them                                                                                     The new unbeliever youths listening to the word of God