Geographic location:                                                                                                                          
We are living in a city called Chennai in Tamilnadu, South India. We have a population of 10 million people of different racial, cultural &ethnic origins our city is located in the seashore area with the people from different parts of India. Our church is located in Vadapalani, kodambakkam, midst of people working in cinema industry.
Our church is surrounded by people of low socio-economical back ground, they are illiterates. Around 200 slums are around our church. Most of the peoples are Hindus and Muslims.
They earn their daily bread by working in the cinema industry. Most of the youths dancer and are in drug addiction, adultery and in evil habits.Alcoholism is also prevalent in our area. Idolatry is more rooted in our place. People celebrate grand festivals for Hindu Gods and making merry during those times.
BIOGRAPHY OF THE FOUNDER:                                                                                                     
Krishnan was born 1907 for Hindu parents named Mr.&Mrs.Munian. He was brought up in strong Hindu rituals and cultures. While he was studying in the school, teacher named Sironmani told him about the love of Christ, that time he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Because he refused to eat the food stuffs devoted to Hindu gods his father changed his school to another school. And also he was influenced to accept Christ and Krishnan became Samuel.
This small boy once again rejoined the same school with out the permission of the parents.Then he acted in the prodigal son drama where he was appreciated by the land lord for his best acting .In those days Chennai was ruled by the landlords (Jamins) the landlords which ruled Kodambakkam named Janakiramanan appreciated Krishan and supported his education for one year he fasted for three days for the salvation of his Parents. On the third day his father was convinced to accept christ and Munian became Abraham .After the death of his father, in those days, his relatives wanted to buried the body according to hindu rituals. But Abraham Samuel refuses that. Because of that they refused to give a place to bury the body. Then he consulted this matter with the missionary he gave a church compound for burial, that became Christian burial ground. Later he was called Rev. Dr. Abraham Samuel.
OUR CHURCH HISTORY:                                                                                                                  
Before our Church named the first Church of Christ was planted by Rev. Dr. Abraham Samuel in the year 1936.He did ministry among the farmers of this village in those days. First he was a preacher in Salvation Army. Then he separated from there and became a pastor in Vadapalani Methodist Church. Due to some internal strife and bad conduct of the ministers over there he came out and started his own church named “The First –Church Of Christ” in his own land ,the Church was started in his own house which is built of hut. Because of the hard labour and work initially around 200 souls were added to his congregation. Free marriages were done for poor peoples in the village. Education was made free to everyone. Literature –ministry is given importance. More than one million bibles were distributed by the pastor in those days. There was no separate burial ground for Christians. So the pastor fought with the Government for this regard and got a burial ground for Christians.