Dear Pas. David Norris,&All

Dear Pas. David Norris,&All our beloved Families in NSCC,

               Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.  how are you?    By the grace of God, our ministry going very well. the same time we also facing same of the painful experiences one of our faithful sister named vanni mercy margrate aged about 35 yrs old suddenly she died by unknown paralised attack through this hole of our church body affected but now coming out of that situation by the comfort of the Holy ghost . 
                     The Lord is doing wonderful things among the all the  villages. Our pastors whom we support and other faithful pastors are giving their reports of the follow works. It is progressing very much. Many people having the chance to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus christ.This month we went for the  hope givier far to the village called picevakam,in that village they dont have electrical power we took our generator and used it for our film show hole village surprised to watch the movie [ the generator is very useful to the ministry we want to thank nscc]  their we also  face great apposiation one of the young man from the villager  try to stoned our van immediately the leader of village came and resquied us and also supported us to show the ful movie many villager came and watched and prayed the sinners and some of them confesed Jesus is the Lord
                    Coming month 5th oct2011 we  special Agape youth anniversary in this  youth meeting every year many youths around the Chennai both of Believer&unBeliever will attended. in this Meeting Preaching and Teaching the Gospel alsoTestimony will be sharing  by Our church youth. After the meeting we will upholding the phots on our website
FGCCI Youths are working hardly to take the gospel to the streets of Chennai Vadapalani. All the Fgcci Youths are all conveying their love and thanks to all beloved brothers and sisters in NSCC.

Please convey our regards and thanks to all our pastors, families in NSCC. Through their prayers and support only we are ablethi to stand in the dark parts of India.
* Pastor, please visit our website for all programs photos happening in our ministry and also please inform the church about the website. Now we are regularly uploading all the photos of the events happening in our ministry in our website.

Yours in HIS Glorious Service,
 Pas.Joy & Rebaccae

Dear pastor DavidNorris

Dear pastor DavidNorris greetingsto you in the might name of our Lord and Saviour JESUS Christ..

we really blessed through your visit. thank you for coming to india in your busy scheduel. teaching the Truth about Vision(Heaven).we need this kind of teaching in these days its inspiring us to go forward with passion.we also want to thank brother Alex. his testimony was touched many youth on the coffee time with God program many new unbelving youth had chance to hear the Gospel some youth now started coming to church. Special thanks for all our family NSCC for sending pas David & bro. Alex to india. our congregation so much encourged and enthused to reach the unreached people ( to go and posses the land for JESUS Christ ) and our youth and leaders of our church board and my wife and children also conveying the regards to all our family to NSCC. ( we are missing mom.judy so much )

once again thank you so much for all your love and prayers & support :)

may the Lord pour out his blesing upon you :)

Yours in HIS Glorious Service,

Pas.Joy & Rebaccae




                          Greetings to all our families in NSCC  in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We love you so much. God is doing wonderful things here in India.  It is very hard to get permission to do evangelism in schools. But now the Lord has opened the doors to minister in schools through much prayers. By the grace of God we got the chance to visit one of the largest catholic school where many Hindus and catholics are studying. There are only few  students who were born again. In that school, we shared the gospel to them. Many students confessed Jesus christ as their Lord. We issued more than 2620 books(both English and Tamil) and doing follow work. Through that many new youths are attending new believer class. The principal of that school appreciated our ministry through a letter. I am enclosing that letter copy along with this blog.


                   Letter copy.jpg


                                In our church, there was a great revival in the midst of the youth. They all sharing their vision and the thirst for the Holy ghost.


                                We have  some of the youth who are ready for getting Baptism. Our youths are trained very well to do the programs by their own. God has given us a great vision to enlarge the kingdom of christ in India. Many new souls are now added to our church.


                                 Last week we had a wonderful Pastor's meeting. The five pastors whom we are supporting, another eight faithful pastors and some evangelists came and participated. I taught them from the lesson "Who Am I  ". Through the teaching and prayers they are  very much encouraged. They could have gone to another meeting and received a free bicycle but they need more truth so came here. I can see the great thirst among the pastors for the word of God.


                                We also heard about the great tragedy in Japan. We are praying for the quick restoration of their situation. We believe that the believers in Japan are safe.


                             Thank you so much for all the prayers and support. We  convey our thanks to all our families in NSCC.




     Pas.Joy & Rebaccae






Yours in HIS Glorious Service,

Dear Pas. David Norris,

Dear Pas. David Norris,

                          Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are really blessed so much. Nowadays the Lord is doing many wonderful things through our ministry in India. Now our ministry is growing spiritually every day. We have some testimony to share with you. Now our church is coming Live. The Holy ghost is moving on the dry bones. Many of our believers started to prophesize, sharing vision and also the word received from the Lord. Last week we went for the outreach program where we showed the God man movie (83rd st, Ashok nagar, chennai) on 26th February 2011.

                         After we made everything ready to show the movie, there was a big opposition. Some hindu parties came there and fight with us not to show the movie. They also scolded us with bad words and told us to leave the place. We don’t know what to do at that time. But we prayed to the Lord in our heart. We send Mom. Judy immediately to her house for safety. After Mom.Judy left the place another man who is the leader of that area came there and supported for us with these words “I am the one who gave permission to them to put this movie in this area”.

                        Then the hindu party people went their ways. After that we showed the film peacefully and many young men and women confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This month Hindu rituals are going everywhere so we are unable to go to some areas. Finally we went to another place (16th st, Pudhur, chennai)to show God man movie yesterday(5th March 2011). Initially there were about 40 children assembled in that place. But at the end there were more than 300 children, youths including the adults.

                         Before issuing the books, children jumped on our team and tried to own them. We issued 400 books to all the people yesterday. Many children and many youths confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Through this ministry many youth boys and girls attending the new believer’s class now. Some of them are ready to get baptized. To know more about this, please visit our website We have a tuf election time. Many Antichrist parties are rising now. We don’t know how the things will be here in India. So Please pray that the Lord will keep us safety. We thank you so much for your loving prayers and support.


May the Lord Jesus Bless you all

Dear Pas.David and all the

Dear Pas.David and all the pastors & believers in NSCC,
              Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By the grace of the Lord everythings is going well here in India. When I think how much the Lord has done for us I marvelled and praise the Lord for that. Last week we visited a village called Kaattrampakkam with God Man film. There one of our Pastor whom we support named Pas. Jayaprakash. It takes 3hrs time to go to that village. Almost the villagers came and watch the movie. Some people confessed Jesus is the Lord. The pastor who resides  in that village will do the follow work.  In that village some of them speaks Hindi(One of the Indian Language ). We are trying to get the book and DVD's  in Hindi Version. Through the One Hope ministry many new souls came into salvation. 

              Two weeks back 6 new persons came and last week 8 new person  came to our church.  We had Coffee Time with God Programme in our Church Youth Hall(1st floor) on 16th February 2011. Many youth boys and girls participated. During the last section of discussion time our youth spoke personally to each groups about Jesus Christ. Five new youths decided to give their life to Jesus Christ. This is the blessing which the Lord hath given to us. Due to that, we have started New Believer's class twice(Tuesday & Friday) a week. Now I have a personal office in the first floor, so that I feel free to discuss with them and also for counselling. This office is very much useful for me to medidate the word and pray with quiet time with the Lord. Here I want to thank you and also to my family in NSCC. 
              I really want to thank for all your prayers and support. 
  Please guide me for the way to move in all things. Thankyou so much 
May the Lord Jesus Bless You All

               By the GOD's

               By the GOD's grace ministry in India are growing in spiritual and natural. We believe God has open a door to reach the unreached in India. On September 16th 2010 we had wonderful Pastors seminar and training program about the hope club .Many came and testified about their hope giver program in their own villages. And the youth are very much happy to receive the book of hope in their own language. They all eagerly going through the book even telling their friends and neighbour about the book of hope .Even through hope giver movie the gospel going to the illustrated people and all our church leaders and youth are rejoicing and praise the Lord for the glories things God is doing . On 17th September 2010 we went to show the hope giver movie neighbour village. More than 100 children and many youths and all the people in the village watched movie very quietly and all of them received the story edition book. Many confess JESUS is their LORD. And the village Pastors doing follow work ....In all these things are happening here because of your prayers as well as your support so i thank you my loving brothers and sisters in NSCC. We also want thank Pastor. David and all our pastors and board of the members thank you so much sending Mom. Judy to India and putting the program in place and teaching...

                                       MAY THE LORD JESUS BLESS YOU ALL
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