How to Listen to Sermons

Important: Click here for iPhone/iPad or Android instructions

Note: In windows a sermon should play automatically when you click on it. No further action is required. However, in case of any difficulties - or for a Mac computer - follow the steps below


1. Download the VLC media player...


2. Navigate to the sermon you want to listen to

  • Go to the North Shore Christian Centre website
  • In the menu click on "Sermons Online"
  • Click on "Recent Sermons"
  • In the page that opens, click on the sermon of your choice

3. Copy the sermon URL

  • Click on the "Download" tab

  • Right click on "Right-Click here to copy or download this link"

  • Click "Copy Link"

4. Open the sermon in the VLC media player

  • Open VLC (downloaded in step 1)
  • Click on "Open network stream" (ctrl-N or apple-n)
  • Paste the URL from step 3
  • Click "Open"

Alternatively you can download the sermon and play it from your device:

  • Click-and-hold as in step 3 above, but then select "Download"
  • Once downloaded, open the file and choose VLC as the target application