Relationship one to another

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        Philemon 1:8-21


Cost involved in forgiveness and mercy


Here Paul makes an impassioned plea to Philemon to receive back His unprofitable servant.


Note: In order to completely forgive we must be able to forget the past, the pains, injuries and scars left behind.


Forgiveness and mercy involves restoration as Philemon is urged to receive Onesimus again, not only as a servant but also a brother.



Paul intercedes on behalf of a brother


Paulís desire is to see a love, and unity restored in the relationship between Philemon and Onesimus.


It was also required of Onesimus to be reconciled to His former master and repent for the wrong he had done, that there be no rift in the body of Christ.


Unforgiveness and unrepentance will hinder our life in Christ.



Paul obligates himself for his new brotherís past debts.


What parable, is similar to this event described in Philemon.



Discuss the liberty that comes with forgiveness and mercy.