Heaven our Home

North Shore Christian Centre - Home Bible Study notes




Location of Heaven


1. The First Heaven that we can see.


It is this heaven that reveals God’s glory, it is God himself is speaking to us in every language under the sun.


This first heaven is a perpetual testimony of God’s nature and power


  Psalms 19:1-3


Describe the elements in the visible heaven and what they are saying to us.



1. What is God saying about Himself?



2. What is God saying to mankind?



3. What is God saying about His Kingdom, and mans relationship with Him?



Some references scriptures


  Psalms 19


  Psalms 33:6-9


  Psalms 148:3-6


  Jeremiah 10:10-14


  Romans 1:18-25


  Genesis 1 (note the word “rule” in verses 16 and 18)


  Psalms 139:7-16