Teacher Reference: READ Psalm 127; Psalm 128; Isaiah 45:18; John 15:1-16




Gen 1:28         “…Be FRUITFUL, and MULTIPLY, and replenish the earth,…


Comment         1)   God’s cry to the First Adam - Natural SEED (natural birth). 

                               God’s cry to the Second Adam - Spiritual SEED (us - spiritual birth)

2)      Every living creation had its SEED in itself to reproduce its KIND.  As Christians are BORN AGAIN of another SEED (The WORD) we must replenish the earth to fulfill HIS MYSTERY PLAN!

3)      All the natural creation was completed in the beginning, and never to be created again, as shown in Noah’s Ark, when all the species were saved two by two to replenish the earth after the flood.

4)      Note: The Spiritual Creation is now taking place all over the earth, after the pattern of His beloved Son who lives in the child of God.  We are being created in Him, if the SEED (WORD) has been planted.


Luke 3:23-38    The SEED from Adam to Christ Jesus our Lord (lineage)


Comment        Abel is not mentioned because his brother Cain killed him and prevented him from producing his seed!


Matt 1:1-16      Matthew believed the seed should begin at Abraham to Jesus (A true Jew as the promises were given to Abraham through his son Isaac).


Heb 11:1-40    Paul begins his account of the seed with the righteous Abel to Christ.


Comment         1)   Luke - many Bible scholars believe that Luke was a Gentile

2)      Paul was a minister to the Gentiles.  Therefore they began the seed from Abel to Christ.

3)      Matthew being a Jew and thinking only of the promises to the Jewish nation began the seed at Abraham to Christ.




Gen 2:7            “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,…


Comment         Adam was a miracle creation - not a birth.


Gen 2:7            God breathed into his nostrils “…the Breath of Life;…


Comment        Until the Lord breathed on Adam he had no life!  As with us today, unless we receive His Breath (Spirit) in us we have no life.  Son - Let Him breathe on me.


Gen 2:7           “…and man became a living soul.”


Comment        Adam was a miracle creation to produce the first birth (Abel).  Jesus is a miracle birth to produce the second creation (us).  We are being created in Christ - “…until Christ be formed in you (us).


1 Cor 15:45     The First Adam was made a living soul (first birth).  The Second Adam (Jesus) was made a quickening Spirit (Born Again - Second birth).


Comment         1)   The First Adam was created with his own WILL or CHOICE!

2)      Mankind had NO decision to make in his First Birth.  But has a choice in his Second Birth (Born Again) to receive the SEED (Word) and have Eternal Life or refuse the Word and be lost for eternity! (To bring man back to Himself)



Summary         1)        The first commandment to man

                                    Parallel to spiritual man

2)                The Pattern - Natural Man (living soul)

The Pattern - Spiritual Man (a quickening spirit)

3)                Man given free will