Comment        As the keel of the Ark is a perfect type of Christ.  The ribs  are a perfect type of the Ministries!


Eph 4:11‑16    “And He gave some, Apostles; and some, Prophets; and some, Evangelists; and some, Teachers;” (and Pastors;)  “For the perfecting of the saints…” (boards).


1)      There must be ribs attached to the keel to fasten the boards to.  There must be Ministries that are attached to the Lord, so that believers can be taught and brought into the body of Christ and be joined together.

2)      The ribs are of the same material as the keel, but their function is to take strength from the keel and give to the boards.  The Ministries are of the same body as Jesus, but take their strength from Him.

3)      The ribs must be put through the fire, hot steam is applied and they are bent, to give shape to the Ark.  As the boards are applied they take on the shape and identity of the ribs.  So with the Ministries, they must be tried and put through the fire before they are of any use to the Church.  For every member attached to them, reflects the condition of that ministry!  (Building our canoe.  The construction has to have certain order, Jesus being first fruits.  The Ministry cannot help you in the area of trials and growth unless they first have endured and been partakers of these things.  This is why Jesus walked the earth in a fleshly body, to prepare the way. 


II Tim 2:6         The husbandman that laboureth must be first partakers of the fruits.


4)      The ribs must be able to bare the burden of the boards as they are nailed to them.  (This is why we should pray for the Ministry.)  So with the Ministries, they must carry the burden of the members whether weak or strong as they are attached to them.

5)      The ribs feel the stress and strain of the boards as they are attached.  The Ministries must also feel the stress and strain as each member is being solidly placed in the Church.

6)      It is terrible for the ribs when a board is torn off.  Terrible for the Ministry when one member falls, leaving a horrible scar!  Also heartbreaking for the Ministry when one members ceases to function, because they were poorly fastened.

7)      The ribs are proven by holding each board in place.  So with the Ministries - John 17:21"That they all may be one…"


Finally              If the boards (members) have no need for the ribs (ministries) they will not be perfected to take their place in the Ark (Church).


Summary        We have now laid the foundation (Keel or Jesus).  We have attached the ribs (Ministries) to the keel.  And as yet there is still no Ark or Church! All things in the Ark are precisely brought together, as the Church is fitly joined, each joint supplying.