Teacher Reference:    READ Genesis 3:6-10; 1 John 1:5-10; John 1:4,5




1)     Through Adam’s disobedience sin came upon the human race.

2)     Man’s seed was now tainted with sin and he could only bring forth a sinful offspring.

3)     Sin is quite evident in our offspring we never need to teach them sin, but to be obedient, righteous and good.  (Sin is the curse upon all mankind.  Death is the final result of sin.  This is why Jesus had to rise again – a final conquest).


Comment         To conclude our study of the Life of Adam, we shall proceed verse by verse, beginning at Genesis 3:7.


Gen 3:7           “…and they knew that they were naked and sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.”  (Man has sometimes tried to be righteous without God – doing good and hiding those things that are bad – a conscience – knowing what is bad and good as Adam).


Comment         Mankind in his sinful state has always tried to make some kind of covering for himself to escape the eyes of God.

1)     Good works

2)     Join a church, get religious

3)     Look good on his outward appearance (covering his sins)

4)     Curb his fleshly sins

But only the blood of Jesus Christ can make the covering.  (It was Jesus that made the way so it is Jesus that we must go through to take that way).


Gen 3:8           Adam hears the voice of the Lord God.  They hide themselves from the presence of the Lord among the trees of the garden.  (This is why men do not want to freely talk about Jesus because they suddenly realize their state, and would rather run than face it).


Comment         1) As in Adam’s time, so today the people are hearing the voice of the Lord all over the world (through us).

2) Adam hides himself among the trees – this is a perfect picture of man hiding himself from the presence of the Lord among the multitudes of people and thinks he is safe!


Gen 3:9           “…Where art thou?” God cries unto Adam.

(Though God knows where we are, He wants us to acknowledge and see our sinful state.  If we do not acknowledge it then we cannot be free of it).


Comment         1) This is the eternal cry of God to man today.

                        2) Man must answer this cry of God – now or later!

Lesson 6 - Adam





Gen 3:10         Adam’s answer

                        I heard thy voice in the garden,

                        I was afraid because,

                        I was naked,

                        I hid myself


Comment         1) If sinful man could answer truthfully today he would answer as Adam did.

                        2) Many Christians with sin in their life who have fallen away could also answer as Adam did.

                        3) For Adam once had beautiful fellowship with God, until he was disobedient and sin came between them (Isaiah 59:2).  Salvation restores the break in fellowship caused by sin.


Summary         1) What is God’s eternal cry to man?

                        2) What is the only true covering for sin today?

                        3) How do the 4 “I”s in Genesis 3:10 relate to us?