LESSON 8     


Teacher References: Genesis 4:1,2; Psalm 51:5; John 3:3-5



For the purpose of this study, let us compare Cain and Abel.  They were brothers, born of the same mother, yet their characteristics became totally different by their OWN CHOICE.  These two characteristics exist in the Church and in the world today.  Men and women everywhere are making their CHOICE (as the End of all things draw near) between eternal life with Christ or eternal damnation for rejecting Him!


CAIN IS BORN          

Gen 4:1           Eve conceived and bare Cain

1)      As Adam and Eve CHOSE to DISOBEY the VOICE OF GOD, they brought Sin on their offspring and the human race ever since.

2)      Thus – Cain was the FIRST human child born in sin of disobedience

3)      Unto this day we live, every child that is born is born in sin and shapen in iniquity (Repentance)

4)      We may now understand when Jesus said, “…YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!” (To be free from the curse)



Gen 4:2           Eve again conceived and bare his brother Abel


                        Abel was a keeper of sheep

                        Cain was a tiller of the ground (which the Lord had cursed)


                        THE TWO CHOICES

1)      Especially to Christians today.  We can CHOOSE to be a ‘keeper of the sheep’ and care for our brothers and sisters in their walk with the Lord


2)      We can CHOOSE to be a ‘tiller of the ground’ as Cain thinking only of ourselves, while we try to fellowship with the world and with God.

He that will be a friend of the World is an enemy of God.

Some people feel they can please God and make it to Heaven through their own good works – they are Cain’s.  It must be according to God’s commandment.


                        TYPES AND SHADOWS (They begin to unfold!)

1)      Abel: a perfect type of our Lord Jesus, ‘Keeper of Sheep’.  Also a perfect type of the TRUE CHRISTIAN who cares for his brother.

2)      Cain: the opposite! Disobedient – selfish – worldly – a man that only cares about his own image and welfare


Summary:       1) Why was Cain so different from Adam and Eve?

                        2) Shadows     a) Cain an ungodly man

                                                b) Abel a godly man