The Lords Last Call

   My Sheep Hear My Voice
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This is a book for Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Apostles, Prophets and every servant of God who desires to know and experience the full truth of God.  We are in the times of the Lord’s Last Call to the Church of Jesus Christ to accept the Word of God concerning the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.  

It is a truth that the Church has sadly let fall to the ground and consequently has been without the true power and authority to fulfill the plan of God for these last days.  While the truth concerning the Baptism of the Holy Ghost may have been dropped by the Church, God’s plan and Word cannot be done away with.  All those seeking to find that same truth and experience that transformed the Disciples of Jesus into living epistles of the Word will be challenged, blessed, and if you can accept it, filled with that same fullness of the Godhead that will ignite a fire in your soul.


Table of Contents The Holy Ghost