The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle

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From the beginning of creation God's plan was always to dwell with his people. He was however not going to dwell with and in His people in an ordinary fashion. The manner in which He would dwell among us has always been very specific and ordained not of man but God himself. 

This study of the tabernacle reveals precious truths and shadows for our lives today on the manner of dwelling place our Father and Son require. The Journey of Israel and the building of the Tabernacle reveal all the foundations of truth for every child of God and the Church of Jesus Christ. We pray that the study of the Tabernacle will be a spiritual enrichment to all and challenge us to have a closer walk with Jesus as we see and understand the master mind at work in revealing by the Holy Ghost, the shadows of the past, present and future of the glorious Church of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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