To The Utmost Live!



To The Utmost Live!
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The North Shore Gospel Singers are a group of ordinary believers whose lives have been touched by the Love of Jesus and according to His Word has put a new song in their mouths.  The Gospel Singers sing regularly at our services at the North Shore Christian Centre and outreaches to our community.  

Over the years the praises of our Lord and the delivering power of His Word has set many people free and brought a true excitement to their lives regarding salvation through Jesus Christ.  This recording was done at the urging of those whose lives were touched by the ministering of the North Shore Gospel Singers.  It is our hope and prayer that those who listen to this recording will be ministered unto in the same manner.  And if this be the case then let all glory go to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Produced by Deborah Michalski


 Play song from the UTMOST LIVE CD God is About To Do        Play song from the UTMOST LIVE CD  I Am