The Power of Praise - Pastor David Norris
Sunday July 4th, 2010

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Pastor David Norris - July

Pastor David Norris - July 4th 2010.
(Praise) The power to Praise him
- Praise is the voice of those who he has redeemed
- If he's touched you, you ought to be making a noise.
- He demands to be praised, we were formed to do so
- It's a declaration of our faith, of what we believe
- Ps 34:1 - Note: In your MOUTH, audible
- Read the psalms. Remember what the Lord has done for you. Praise is the answer to what he's done for us
- When sin enters our lives, and doubt enters, praise is the first thing to disappear
- We need to repent of those things that stop us from praising the Lord.
- People don't like praise, as it is the manifestation of our faith
Reasons for not praising the Lord
- Sin
- Doubt
- The carnal mind (does not want to praise freely), yet it is to be heard continually!
- Ps 108:3
- The world hates the light, because they want to hide in the darkness where their works can not be seen. But we do not need the approval of the world.
- This world is very negative, lying to you and saying you are doing well, then thinking critially of you
- The world aims to find fault in you, because it makes them feel better
- The Lord is not negative, he's positive. Where there is no hope, the Lord has hope. He gives peace where there is no peace (John 14)
- There is an enemy of our soul, our faith: Satan, the devil, and those influences by him. They cannot rest until they destroy.
- It is the blood that set us free to praise him. None was set free without the blood.
- While we make mistakes, it's important to forgive and repent and regain that freedom to praise continually
- Israel is spared and restored because their praise (Is 48:9)
=> He longs to be praised more than to punish
- Praise, pleasing him and righteousnes are connected!
- Is 43:21
- There is no biblical reference that we are to be quiet. Praise is to be heard and to be seen
- Ps 102:18
- Ps 22:3 - God inhabits the praise of Israel
- Heb 13:15 (continually, audible!) - the fruit is giving thanks to his name
- I believe you ought to Praise more than you pray
- Ps 40:3
- The times of trouble are the times to praise him
- It's praise that sets God high above all other gods
- Not praising him is effect means that something else in your life is greater to you than he (sickness, trouble, etc)
- Are you lifting up your sickness above him? - How will that thing then be healed
- Praise penetrates the comfort zone of others and stirs things up
- Ps 149:6-0 - Praise is part of warfare)
- Luk 19:36-40 - This is PRAISE (see Gen 3:15)
- People like the pharasees exist today in the church
- God will go and work and do mighty things where there is praise
- 2 Chron 20-22 - Praise as a weapon of warfare
- See also the walls of Jericho
- Paul and silus were deliveled in this fashion also.