Victory - Michael Rapsch
Sunday September 4th, 2011

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- fear paralyzes. Satan rules

- fear paralyzes. Satan rules by fear
- secret of endurance is to make friends with the spirit
- 2 Tim 1:6-14
- Mat 28:19
- Mic 3:8
- Power? -> Holy Ghost – Act 1:8 – THAT is the power given to us from heaven
- that we shall be his witnesses
- Jud 1:20
- Eph 3:16-20 – Love!
- All begins with Love. Salvation also
- Jesus prayed in the garden, immediately before being tortured, for us to Love each other
- Bible studies are profitable to learn to love each other in action
- “By this all man should know…”
- 1 Pet 4:7-9
- Col 3:12-16
Sound mind
- healed, wholesome, renewed, through Christ, who dwells in us
- most problems begin in our minds (condemnation, sorrows, sickness, depression)
- My choice to be victorious or defeated
- Our mind is important when battling sin, wickedness, darkness
- Be mindful what you feed your mind, as our mind will feed off it
- The spirit within us is victorious
-we CAN make it, you have been given every tool necessary to be victorious
- Rom 8:6
- Jam 1:8
- David & Goliath: Dave defeated the doubts in his mind through faith/thoughts of victory. Remember and fill your mind about what he has done for you
- Num 13: 26-33
- Defeat took place for 10 of them without any physical interaction, but all in their mind!
- Ps 27:1-3