New Heart, Beautiful Mind - Pastor Rob Tarnowski
Sunday September 14th, 2014

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He gave us all free will He

  • He gave us all free will
  • He held no good thing back from us
  • “That where I am, you may be also”
  • The power is upon the face of the earth today
  • The father’s plan was not just about the forgiveness of sin
  • Forgiveness was just the start, but to make us something new, with Christ in us when he returns - that was his plan
  • … let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundations of repentance
  • Our mind says its impossible, but with God all things are possible
  • Don’t spend your whole life walking in the circle of sin-repent-sin-repent, but rather let ourselves be dealt with, and then let the glorious plan that he has for each of us take place
  • His plan was for complete restoration for you and I, hence putting us just a little lower than the angels (giving us to have dominion)
  • Through his spirit in us, we have victory over every obstacle, including death
  • Victory is before us...
  • We become FREE to sin no more
  • He (not my good works) is my righteousness
  • “We will know you by the power that is working in you”
  • “No man can pluck them out of my hand”... nothing!
  • He makes us new and beautiful
  • His plan to make us the temple of God required some changes:
    • To give us power
  • A new heart precedes a new mind!!!
  • It cannot start in the mind, else it will fall to arguments and doubts
  • Gen 6:4-6 - the heart was what grieved the Lord, he didn’t even consider the works. It grieved him not just a little, but so much that it repenteth him that he made us
  • Mat 5:8, 19
  • -> david & Bathsheba
  • “Create in me a clean heart”
  • Our heart leads our mind!!
  • Ez 11:17
  • He does so, so that we are now free. His ordinances and ways are better for us
  • Heb 8:10-13
  • Acts 2:37
  • Though we might not be using it, in us dwells the mind of Christ
  • It has the power to discern, to see through the Lords eyes